Amplified Cordless Accessory Handset for use with 30542 and 30544

Model# 30540EE1

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Accessory Handset for use with 30542 and 30544

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3 One-touch Memory Locations

Dial that important number with the touch of one button, easy for anyone to dial in a hurry!

Visual Ringer

Easily see when you get a call with our large visual ringer. Never miss a call when the ringer is turned down and peace of mind for the hearing impaired.

VIP Ringers

Want to know when you have an urgent caller? Assign a special ring tone to your phonebook contact(s). That ring tone will sound when you receive a call from their telephone number.

Amplified Audio Boost

Forget your hearing aide? With up to 22dB gain and 40dB amplification, this phone amplifies signals and provides extra loud audio volume with the touch of a button.

Handset Tone Adjustment

The handset incorporates a tonal adjustment feature which allows you to select from 3 preset audio tones to suit your hearing comfort.

Handset Speakerphone

Simplify multi-tasking with the convenience of a speakerphone in the handset for hands-free conversations.

Also Includes...

  • 1 Cordless Handset Included
  • 1 Line
  • Caller ID / Call Waiting
  • 40 Name/Number CID History
  • 50 Name/Number Phonebook
  • Last 5# Redial
  • Amber Backlight Display & Keypad
  • Handset LCD: 40mm x 30mm
  • 10 Selectable Ringers
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Trilingual Menus
  • Voicemail Waiting Indication
  • RoHS
  • TIA 1083 Compatible

*Caller ID, Caller ID on Call Waiting and Voicemail service requires a subscription from your local telephone service provider.